Primerlite – JUNO – Paints manufacturers since 1927



Primer based on Pliolite resins and special pigments of the highest quality. Provides a system of excellent adhesion on porous supports. Breathable, self-cleaning and resistant to alkalis from the substrate. Ideal to achieve a permeable system of the highest quality.

Recommended as a primer for cement and concrete
surfaces where a permeable system of the highest
quality is required. Its resistance to alkalis and high
penetration power stand out.
Primerlite is the primer of choice for JUNO’s Exterior
paint systems, and is often prescribed for use with
Novokril, Junokril, Bikril, etc.

Uso: Interior-Exterior
Tamaños: 15 Litres, 4 Litres
6 m²/L/coat
Thinner D-40
Thinner D-16
Thinner D-40
2 hours Touch dry
Minimum. 8 hours
Maximum. Unlimited
  • Primer on Façade protective systems
  • Excellent Whiteness and Opacity
  • High grade penetration into support structure and excellent adhesion also on mineral surfaces.
  • Seals and equalizes absorbtion of porous surface.
  • Active barrier to efflorescence.
  • Resistant to alcalinity and salts
  • High Permeability
  • Easy Application
  • No need for sanding before applying topcoat or repainting
  • Quick Drying

Brush, roller or spraying.
Stir paint throughly until completely homogenized. Apply on consistent, clean, completely dry surfaces, free from efflorescence (saltpetre) and mould. For more information, consult TDS.