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Dynapok Agua Floor 2/C Primer

Two-pack water-based floor epoxy primer.
Formulated with epoxy resin in aqueous solution.
Excellent substrate penetration and filling capacity.
Also formulated to be used as a clear topcoat.
For interior use.

Ideal for use as a primer or topcoat in industrial applications in general, and
especially in the food and health sector industries as it is
water based and no solvent is required. As primer (dilute 30%) for sealing new or consolidated
concrete or cement surfaces. As finishing coat (dilute
10%) for the protection of concrete surfaces exposed to
contact with water, grease, acids or diluted alkalis.

Uso: Interior
Tamaños: 15 Litres, 4 Litres, 1 Litre
10-12 m²/L/coat
Thinner compatible with water
8-10 Touch dry
Minimum. 24 hours
Maximum. 3 days
Sólidos en volumen
455 ± 1% Theoretical White
  • Elevated hardness.
  • Leaves a very hard and resistant film.
  • Excellent adhesion on steel, galvanised and aluminium surfaces.
  • Great coverage and opacity.
  • Protects all metal surfaces from rusting.
  • Catalises at temperatures below 0ºC
  • Excellent as intermediate build-up coating in expoy and polyurethane systems
  • Low VOC

Brush, roller or spray equipment. When spraying dilute with clean potable water.
Prefortion: First stir component A thoroughly in its can, then add component B slowly to it while stirring mechanilcally at low speed. Keep stirring for 2 minutes. Do not use after product's potlife (90 minutes) has been exceeded. For more information consult TDS.