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Poxenamel HB 2/C

High-solid and high build polyurethane enamel, made from hydroxylated acrylic resin binder and zinc phosphate corrosion-inhibiting pigment. Combined finishing topcoat and primer, for direct application on metal.

Recommended as a finish/primer, direct on metal, for good chemical resistance and weather protection. Leaves a smooth, semi-gloss and decorative finish.
Excellent adhesion on steel and galvanized surfaces.

Uso: Interior-Exterior
Tamaños: 15 Litres, 4 Litres
8,3 m²/l colour dependant.
Thinner D-17
Thinner D-71
Thinner D-17
Thinner D-71
2-2½ hours
5-6 hours
Sólidos en volumen
67 ± 2%
80-100 microns, colour dependant
  • Leaves a hard paint film
  • Good adhesion on steel and galvanized steel
  • Great opacity
  • Protects metal against oxidation
  • Good gloss and colour retention
Anti-corrosive system C-4 HIGH
Anti-corrosive system C-5 HIGH

Spray application: D-17. Brush/roller application: D-71. (See Technical datasheet for brush and roller application).
IRON AND STEEL. Abrasive blasting up to Sa 2 ½ grade according to ISO 8501-1. Roughness profile 30µ. Loose/flaking paint, mill scale, rust and foreign objects must be be removed.
Apply POXENAMEL HB 2/C immediately after blasting to prevent any type of contamination.
GALVANIZED. Eliminate the rust typical of galvanizing by washing with detergents, fresh water and abrasive synthetic fibres. If necessary, sand to refine the surface.
Stir component A in its container and once homogenized add component B slowly to it (in the indicated proportions), while mechanically stirring at low speed. Shake for 2 minutes until perfectly homogenized. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes. Do not use the product after its indicated potlife (2 hours).
For more information consult the technical data sheet.