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2/C Zinc-rich Epoxy Primer

2-pack primer based on epoxy resin pigmented with metallic zinc powder and cured with polyamide. High zinc powder content, isolating metal and inhibits oxidation by cathodic protection.

Recommended as a primer for long-term protection of exposed steel surfaces in highly corrosive marine or industrial environments. Due to its high zinc content, it withstands temperatures up to 160ºC.

Use: Interior-Exterior
Sizes: 10 Litres
Practical coverage
7,9 m²/l
Thinner D-90
Thinner D-90
Drying time
30 minutes
Repaint time
24 hours
Solids content
75 microns
  • Contains > 85% zinc content by weight of dry film
  • Complies with SSPPC-Paint 20 Type II, Level 1
  • Complies with ISO 12944-5
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

Brush application: Touch-ups only.
Conventional/Airless spraying:
Abrasive blasting up to Sa 2 ½ grade according to ISO 8501-1.
Apply to clean surfaces, completely dry, free from efflorescence (saltpetre) and mould.
Stir component A in its container and once homogenized add component B slowly to it (in the indicated proportions), while mechanically stirring at low speed. Shake for 2 minutes until perfectly homogenized. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes. Do not use the product after its indicated potlife (8 hours).
For more information consult TDS.