In collaboration with the Infes team, JUNO had the privilege of making a significant contribution to the revitalization of Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, all thanks to the remarkable JUNO paint solutions delivered by UAB VELVE M.S.T. our exclusive JUNO Paints representative in Lithuania.

The specification required a matt black finish for visibility and contrast, sufficient light absorption, with a matt surface that contributes to the theatre’s ambiance and artistic design, providing a clean and professional look also allowing for concealment of imperfections due to heavy use.

Our choice and fit-for-purpose product for the renewal of the theatre’s main stage floor is the durable JUNOLAC enamel paint in Matt finish. JUNOLAC is a premium quality high solid alkyd-based paint which offers excellent flow and a highly durable finish. Junolac complies with the latest low European VOC directive (Volatile Organic Compounds) and delivers exceptional performance.

This extraordinary project demanded adherence to stringent technical standards, and JUNOLAC emerged as the ideal solution due to its exceptional qualities:

  • ✅ Flame Resistance (Class B-s1, d0)
  • ✅ A+ and AgBB Rating for Clean Indoor Air Quality
  • ✅ EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), LEED, and BREEAM Certification
  • ✅ Exceptional Resistance to Wet Rubbing
  • ✅ Outstanding Coverage and Matt Finish

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Infes team for entrusting us with the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of this iconic building, one that holds immense significance within the art scene Europe, and specifically in Lithuania.